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This is Lot13...


Son of a Titan and the Oceanid Asia

Atlas stood on the shore at the ends of the earth 

facing the West

A cast out leader who defied his maker

On the hill crest he knelt, to carry his burden

His skin shown red under the strain

with pillars for legs and heaving breathe


Misfortune had befallen him

The unlucky one they whispered

Thirteen unfavorable conditions beset upon this place


No, he shouted to the sea

Shrugging off his burden

I will turn my torment into fortune 

Shunning the gods once again 

to redefine his fate.


This is his site

lot 13


I am the Eitol

I am a temple, an homage to greatness

a place of worship and tribute to immortality


A place full of strengthknowledge

wisdom, lust and power


This is Eitol

Written BY: Jake Favour

Eitol_BlackBackground_StoneDavid copy.jpg